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This wedding was extra special for two reasons; it was the first wedding I did without the guidance of my botanical mother and secondly, the wedding was for my very special friend Kim. We've been friends since high school, the days of riding around in cars with boys and staying out past curfew (sorry mum).

Nearly 15 years later we're quite a bit older, just a little bit wiser and with one of us married, we're parading around pretending to be fully fledged grown ups.

It felt right that my first post celebrated her and Cory's amazing day, November 14th, two years to the day from their first date (awwww...) on Melbourne's waterfront. The bride wore a full length gown with an applique and bejewelled bodice and pleated skirt. The bridesmaids and flower girl wore cream with a blue sash and the flowers were cream and sage, bound in burlap. At the reception, jars of herbs lined the tables, as pretty as they were delicious. The day was perfect, simply perfect.

This post is a tribute to Kimmi, a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul. Her hollistic approach to life is so inspiring and nearly 3 years after marrying a beardy Australian called Cory, they still gaze at each other like they're teenagers.



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  • Janthia: May 13, 2015

    Such a beautiful day; that was a very special ambience that you created for Kim. With happy memories of those early school days! XXXXXX

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